Let's Revise

Let's Revise - Languages in Danger

Endangered Languages, Ethnicity, Identity and Politics


1. Can endangered languages be taught/learnt solely through the medium of a schooling system?

No, there are many other forms/methods of teaching/learning – as e.g. adult teaching/training, language courses, summer schools, TV, radio & Internet courses, language nests, etc.

2. What is the immersion method of language teaching/learning?

. In immersion schools and/or kindergartens, the language of instruction is the endangered language. The dominant language of the majority is often taught as a foreign one.

3. Is it possible to learn a language with no textbook/handbook/schoolbook?

Of course it is – many extraschool language learning methods get by without teaching materiale, though self-teaching comes easier with a textbook/handbook.

4. What are the main domains of language planning?

i. language corpus planning
ii. language status planning
iii. language acquisition planning
iv. language technology planning

5. What are the extinct (classicial) languages that you know?

e.g.: Latin, Ancient Greek, Old Church Slavonic, Biblical Hebrew, Quranic Hebrew, Sanskrit, classical Armenian (Grabar) and others