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Let's Revise - Languages in Danger



1. What is the difference between pictographic and ideographic scripts/writing systems?

Pictographic script uses graphemes, which constitute visual (pictorial) representations of the objects in the surrounding world and bear much resemblance to the objects they symbolise; whereas, if the graphic symbols are already/almost only conventional representations of concepts - this kind of script is called ideographic.

2. For which languages the writing systems was changed at some point in history?

e.g.: Turkish, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Karaim, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Moldavian/Romanian

3. From which writing system did most alphabets (as Latin and its varieties, Greek, or Cyrillic) used contemporarily develop?


4. What is transcription?

It is a system of notation in which each phone/sound has its own invariable graphic representation

5. Is it crucial to have/develop a writing system in order to be recognized as a separate language?

Absolutely not – a majority of world’s languages have never developed/used a writing system